Coping behaviour

There are many ways in which people try to deal with stress in their life. We have used a family of instruments to ask people what they have done to cope with major surgery. The data below shows the average coping behaviour for each profile. The measurements include a rating of pain catastrophizing which is an exaggerated response to painful experiences and 14 other coping strategies. These measurements have been used over 20 years in over 5000 research projects. For more information about the measurement you may visit or refer to the original research papers (see references).

Detailed results

Pain catastrophizing

Active support seeking


Coping behaviour_Religion

Coping behaviour_Venting

Coping behaviour_Substance use

Maladaptive coping


To compare

Each profile has their own unique experience of health, coping behaviour, and health communication preferences and competences. You can compare each profile on these aspects by clicking the buttons below.