Experience of health

How people experience their own health influences the role they want and can take in the healthcare system. We have used a family of instruments to help people describe and value their own health. The data below shows the average experience of health for each profile. The measurements include a rating of overall current health, rating of pain intensity in rest and in movement, and a rating of experienced anxiety. These measurements have been used for over 30 years in clinical trials and real-world settings. For more information about the measurements you may visit https://euroqol.org/ or the original research papers (see references).

Experience of health

Detailed results

Experience of health_Self-reported health

Experience of health_Pain in rest

Patient profiles_Experience of health_Movement-evoked pain

Experience of health_Anxiety

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Each profile has their own unique experience of health, coping behaviour, and health communication preferences and competences. You can compare each profile on these aspects by clicking the buttons below.